These two humble words "Friends" and "Friendships" are always on human lips, let alone in their hearts. Whether these human beings can actually comprehend or not what they have uttered remains a big question mark. But since they are full of prejudices and injustices, they seem not to care or bother whether they do really and truthfully understand what "friends" and "friendships" are holistically termed. They prefer to make all sorts of assumptions and accusations on these two terminologies. Some of them may even go further than that. They may put the blame on the wrong usage of the terms like the pots calling the kettles black.

Should anything be raised on their misunderstanding or worse still their ignorance on the true meanings of the two words, they start to show their true colours by coining many excuses and manipulations simply just to throw them away on the faces of their so called friends. Both the parties start to put the blame on each other like the analogy which runs like this: The father puts the blame on his wife; the wife on her cook; her cook on her chauffeur; the chauffeur on the gardener; the gardener on his dog; and the dog on it's friend, the cat. Oh dear. Poor cat!

So what can the poor cat do? Shall it just sit at the corner and do nothing? No! Certainly it will go after a rat or more rats. That is the law of the jungle. Survival of the fittest (shall I add the cunningest?) Only the strongest live! This animal behavior lives in human beings. Even in this present day we have Brutus, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. We often hear people say in You, in You, in you, in ME and us all 'THERE' is BRUTUS. Hence, my friends "BEWARE OF BRUTUS!".

Perhaps Mark Anthony could remain neutral!


O dear! O Dear! The two humble words - FRIENDS AND FRIENDSHIPS.

"thou art so humble! How humble thou art could be?"


Tunku Halim said...

Welcome to the blogging world. I look forward to more posts. All the best!

Syed Halim said...

Saudara Tunku Halim,
Although we haven't met each other before I must take this opportunity to thank you ever very much for taking the initiative to welcome me into the blogging world and hence with the blessings of Allah may our new found friendship grow honestly from time to time.
I hope to hear more from you.
Thank you.

Zawi said...

Ayah Ku Tuan Syed Halim,
Welcome to the world of blogging.
God must have reasons for making our path to cross at this juncture of our lives. I am really glad to know you and hopefully our friendship will continue forever. Let us reach to the world via our blogs so that others too may learn something from the mistakes or whatever achievements that we made.
The above post by you was most apt to describe what friends and friendships is.

Syed Halim said...

Saudara Zawawi,
My everlasting thanks and gratitude for your sincere comments on my "Friends and Friendships". Our friendship must also be based on "A friend inneed is a friend indeed", and never and never based on "Kayu juga makan kayu" which often takes place among friends and good friends. And worst of all don't ever be like "Dimana kutu nak makan kalau tidak di atas kepala". With the true understanding and comprehension of the two Malay dictum, I hope our friendship will blossomed into a beautiful flower of honesty, sincerity, trust and integrity.
God willing may our friendship and friendships with others continue to live.
Thank you.