Someone once said "Some were born with riches; some have riches bestowed upon them; some have to slough for their own riches'.

But what about me? Where do I fit in? No 1? No 2? No 3?

Thoughtfully speaking, I meet all the three categories and I don't meet them. What nonsense you may say? Yes nonsense, I admit. How? Why?

I was born with everything but I had nothing. I never regret. I never curse anything., not even what people term as FATE because I never believe anything as fate. I believe in one thing though, we are our own fate. We create our own destiny and destiny was never being pushed to us especially me. If we care to work not only hard but very, very hard we too can achieve riches; if we don't we can only harvest RAGS, although rags can shrewdly be idiomatically translated from rags to riches by those who have managed to wriggle themselves through to get riches - but I prefer to say to rob riches - by various means, especially the crooked way. This being so shouldn't be a surprise to us as we all know it takes all sort of people to make this world. Some may go even further. They make riches their own gods so much so they may even forget their own beginnings.; but as for me like I said earlier I don't fall in all those categories mentioned above. I only have my own world, the world where Allah has answered most of my prayers.

As a small boy I hailed from Arau, Perlis. I used to have friends like Malai Mutusamy, Ah hui, Ah Hock, Autar Singh, Edens, Pian and Ariff (to name a few). We studied at Sekolah Melayu Kangar, Perlis way back in the late forties. We were good friends. We never quarreled. We never grew suspicious of each other. During breaks we would eat together under the school. I hope and pray they still live. What was so great about our friendship was that we never allowed any evils to be in our way. When I look back at those days I know I know we were then very innocent friends whose minds weren't being poisoned or corrupted by any quarters. I still remember them until today. if they are still alive (others like them) , they must be of my age.

They way we looked at our lives, we never cared whether we were rich or poor; whether we had enough or not but we could all together make good everything that we shared. That spirit of oneness (or togetherness) and spiritually and that is why I for one don't hardly think whether I was born with riches; whether riches was bestowed upon me or whether I had to find my own riches.

As I said earlier that Allah has answered and contented with all that I have, and that happiness and contentment will never be complete if I at times (maybe not all the times) look back at those days with all my friends go hunting birds with my slings in nearby kampungs and bushes. I mentioned that purposely because right now in my old age I still do some hunting , not with a sling but with a true shotgun and to be exact with my Bennely Semi Automatic Shot Gun. I must thank the Government and the Police for kindly allowing me to own such a gun. To Tan Sri Musa bin Hassan, the Director General of Police, I say "Thank you, Sir". may Allah bless and keep you, your excellency.

I hope to write more about myself. Thank you ladies and gentleman.